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Head and Tail WIN Data ini merupakan data real yang muncul di HeadTail
Tgl Ganjil Tgl Genap WIN BET
No Win No. Win Percent (%) WIN
51 Tail 56 Tail 90 Tail
31 Tail 15 Head 10 Min BET
29 Tail 14 Tail 90 Tail
45 Head 15 Head 90 Head
45 Head 46 Head 90 Head
53 Tail 42 Head 10 Min BET
39 Tail 55 Tail 90 Tail
50 Head 27 Head 90 Head
55 Tail 57 Head 10 Min BET
01 Tail 58 Head 10 Min BET
29 Tail 57 Head 10 Min BET
10 Tail 04 Tail 90 Tail
22 Tail 30 Head 10 Min BET
45 Head 55 Tail 10 Min BET
40 Tail 21 Head 10 Min BET
45 Head 36 Head 90 Head
46 Head 54 Head 90 Head
17 Tail 38 Head 10 Min BET
02 Head 29 Tail 10 Min BET
48 Tail 24 Head 10 Min BET
32 Head 59 Tail 10 Min BET
23 Tail 01 Tail 90 Tail
22 Tail 27 Head 10 Min BET
36 Head 31 Tail 10 Min BET
24 Head 11 Head 90 Head
36 Head 07 Tail 10 Min BET
59 Tail 59 Tail 100 Tail
26 Tail 57 Head 10 Min BET
11 Tail 03 Head 10 Min BET
19 Head 27 Head 90 Head
23 Tail 57 Head 10 Min BET
59 Tail 00 Head 10 Min BET
14 Tail 34 Head 10 Min BET
03 Tail 30 Head 10 Min BET
56 Tail 25 Tail 90 Tail
40 Tail 48 Tail 90 Tail
16 Tail 42 Head 10 Min BET
48 Tail 52 Tail 90 Tail
24 Head 34 Head 90 Head
33 Tail 57 Head 10 Min BET
21 Head 4 Tail 10 Min BET
16 Tail 49 Tail 90 Tail
18 Head 13 Tail 10 Min BET
07 Tail 02 Head 10 Min BET
22 Tail 58 Head 10 Min BET
43 Tail 13 Tail 10 Tail
09 Head 34 Head 90 Head
01 Tail 48 Tail 90 Tail
01 Tail 22 Tail 90 Tail
46 Head 03 Tail 10 Min BET
02 Head 23 Tail 10 Min BET
25 Tail 38 Head 10 Min BET
10 Tail 56 Tail 90 Tail
42 Head 29 Tail 10 Min BET
06 Head 00 Head 90 Head
36 Head 51 Tail 10 Min BET
08 Tail 18 Head 10 Min BET
Win Tail Win Head
Spl 35 x Spl 31 x
JLH 51,20% Jlh 48,80%
Berdasarkan data di atas dapat diambil kesimpulan bahwa pada tanggal ganjil maka peluang yang paling besar muncul Tail dan pada tanggal genap peluang muncul Head sangat besar, Cara memainkan game ini tidak perlu mendaftar karena game ini jika anda BET dengan benar langsung akan membayar ke Liberty Reserve anda. Cara Memainkan :
  • Anda harus perhatikan di HISTORY nya apa tanggal ganjil atau genap
  • Buka 2 buah lembar dimana yang satu untuk melihat HISTORI dan yang kedua untuk BET
  • Misalkan hari ini adalah tanggal ganjil, HISTORY BET muncul angka 51 maka kemungkinan Muncul berikutnya Tail (record pertama yang direkom oleh Paul Rodrigo dan tidak ada hubungan dengan moneyvestasi)
  • Jika hari ini tanggal ganjil, namun kedua data menampilkan data yang sama, maka pilih data yang berlawanan tanggal.
  • Jangan lupa Refresh halaman HISTORY untuk melihat data UPDATE agar prediksinya tepat
  • Dosa dari permainan ini tanggung sendiri
  • Record tersebut telah dihitung dengan rumus Randomly Agregat selama 7 bulan dengan tingkat keakuratan 95%
  • Moneyvestasi tidak bertanggungjawab terhadap WIN atau LOSE yang anda derita dalam game ini, karena Iklan ini dibayar oleh mereka $1300
  • Jangan BET kalau gak sanggup tahan RESIKO (DISCLAMER)
  • Iklan ini dipasang oleh PAUL RODRIGO asal Mexico

Minggu, 18 Januari 2009

Dream of an Acehnese painter

The studio is as big as a garage. It is located under a single family’s home in a quiet residential neighborhood in northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC.

In fact, it once was really a garage that was converted into a neat, but sparsely furnished room. There is a big computer monitor, the only sign of high technology other than a cellular phone, and some paintings on the walls.

Nothing else is special except for a big half-finished painting —a little too big for the room— that greets visitors when they entered the studio. The painting is an oil-on-canvas portrait of the next president of the United States of America.

Acehnese Machyar Mustafa Gleunta poses for a photograph in front of his painting of US President-elect Barack Obama, at his studio in Virginia. (JP/Yenni Djahidin)

“I was so inspired by Barack Obama’s speech in New Hampshire during the primary election,” said Machyar Mustafa Gleunta, an artist from Indonesia who lives in Virginia. From then on he said he knew that Obama is a different kind of politician.

“He gives hope to people, not only for Americans, the hope that we can change ourselves if we make up our mind,” Machyar said.

“Maybe the idea is not new, but I thought it’s very unique,” he said of Obama’s speech.

The 37-year-old artist said he was so moved by what he heard that he immediately started a sketch of Obama. He said an American organization commissioned the painting, but he is not allowed to reveal the organization until the painting is ready to be displayed.

The 70x60 inches portrait shows Obama writing at a desk by a big window overlooking the US Capitol building. “I’m still working on it. The painting is very complex but I want to finish it by the end of the year,” Machyar said during an interview conducted solely in English, a language he used to get a scholarship in the United States.

Born in the small village of Matang, Glumpang Dua, in Aceh, Machyar grew up in a modest household. His father is a carpenter. His stay-at-home mother designed and sewed her own clothes.

“When I was about five years old, I always looked at books and the pictures jumped at me,” he said of his first interest with pictures and paintings. “I started to draw and make sketches with colored pencils because we didn’t even have crayons in the house,” he said.

Machyar said he was so attracted to drawing that he decided to enter a technical high school hoping to become an architect. However, he said, the school didn’t suit him very well. So, he kept painting, this time pictures of landscapes and other aspects of daily life.

“I was able to sell the paintings and support myself as a teenager,” he said. That’s when Machyar realized that painting can be a profession and he wanted to learn more about it. He took tests to enter public universities four times and he failed them all.

“In a way, it was good that I failed the tests,” he said with a smile. Machyar studied English privately and was able to get a 500 points score on TOEFL, a standard test. With the TOEFL test score, he started sending inquiries to foreign embassies in Jakarta and seeking information about scholarships. After two years, he finally received a response from the United States embassy.

“AMINEF said they would try to help me,” Machyar said. Trying is the best word to describe his next effort to win a scholarship. AMINEF, short for the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation, provides, among others, the Fulbright Program to promote mutual understanding between Indonesia and the United States through educational exchange and academic scholarship.

Machyar said he went to AMINEF’s office everyday and talked to visitors from the States, including businessmen and academia. He told them his intention to seek a scholarship in the United States.

“After two years, I finally received two offers: One from a university in Maryland and one from Maine,” he said. He finally decided to take the offer from Maine College of Art, in Portland, Maine, where he studied for two years. After that, he continued his studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, where he studied more about neo-classical style.

Machyar’s paintings are realistic, some with subdued color. Some of them also show the flag of the Aceh’s freedom movement (GAM). In fact, he said, that while studying in Philadelphia, he was also involved in an advocacy group to promote human rights in Aceh. He said he was concerned about the military treatment of Acehnese.

“When you talked to the military personnel, one on one, they agreed with your ideas, but when they are in the war zone, they forgot that we are brothers,” Machyar said.

He also said he is happy with current developments in Aceh and lauded the policies of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

“We just hope that the conditions in Aceh will get better and better,” he said.

Machyar said his parents and family are still living in Aceh. He choked up a little bit when he talked about his family. “I miss them very much. I haven’t seen them for 12 years. It’s been very hard not to be able to see them for such a long time” he said.

His parents’ house does not have a telephone or electricity so it is hard for him to communicate with them.

Living as an artist is not as glamorous as it looks. Like many young artists, Machyar struggled to support himself in a foreign country. He said a disciplined life helped him.

“Artists have to do whatever to survive as an artist. Painters are no exception,” he said. He explained that his work is fine arts and not mass produced commercial paintings. He declined to say how much his paintings are worth, but added that he earned enough to be able to survive.

“A painting business is very unpredictable. Sometimes, it takes years to close one sale,” he said. “But I have to keep painting. I have to do whatever it takes to survive, including working at a construction site,” he added.

“The real price of art is priceless,” Machyar said. “There is no limit to the value. People can pay, say, 1 thousand dollars for my work, but in two years the price may go much higher,” he said.

Four years ago, Machyar was commissioned to do a portrait of the civil rights leader and former American ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young.

Machyar is now married to an American woman. They are hoping to settle in Virginia and visit his family in Aceh. He is now in the process to become a US citizen. Still, he said he has a dream.

“I want people to know that you should set your dream high,” he said philosophically.

“However, if you miss it, it’s not a big deal,” he added quickly.

When asked if he has achieved his goal, Machyar said his goal has expanded.

“I have achieved what I expected in Aceh, but my goal has expanded,” he said, but declined to elaborate. Later, he said that he wanted to have his own studio when he and his wife are able to fund it.

With the American presidential inauguration only a week away, there is frenzy in Washington to get a glimpse of the incoming president and his family. Still, Machyar hopes he would be able to present the painting to Obama personally when the commissioning organization makes a final decision about where to display the painting.

Like many others, Machyar also hopes President Obama can make positive changes in the world. “Obama’s speech is not only for America. It transcends to all groups worldwide,” he said.

“I hope this administration will change how the American government does things,” he said, adding that he can connect very deeply to Obama’s story and share a similar dream.

Di Kutip dari http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2009/01/18/dream-acehnese-painter.html

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